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My name is Melissa, and I am a new-to-the-art crocheter with a lot of crazy ideas floating through her head. I am also a sucker for a good recipe or craft of any kind. I have two beautiful babies (girls, ages 2 and 1) and two amazing stepdaughters that are 16 and 11. My husband is amazing, and is very tolerant of the yarn that I've been collecting over the past couple of months. I love him very much for his patience.

I am a LARPer, a mommy, a student, and I LOVE playing MMOs when I can squeeze in a precious half an hour or two.

As for the blog name (One, Two, Pickle? What a crazy combo, right?) it comes from when my two year old was learning to count. Her first time counting to three went something along the lines of  "one, two, pickle...three is pretty, bibble!" and that is how the name was born. The whole thing is pretty amusing, but it would have been a bit long.

This blog will be random. It will be silly at time, and it will chronicle the pain and heartbreak of losing my stitch count. Multiple times. But mostly it is here so I can share my triumphs and some awesome patterns that I've found.

Take a load off and join me in my crafting adventure.

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